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Chesapeake Shores Homeowners Association


What's new

Who we are

We are the homeowners association for the Chesapeake Shores subdivision in Mathews County, Virginia. Here's a few things to know about us:

  • We have no interest in or authority to do all those obnoxious things that make people hate HOA's, including setting architectural standards or telling you what color you have to paint your house.
  • Paying dues is entirely voluntary. We think we perform a valuable service to the community and hope you choose to pay, but we can't force you to if you don't want.
  • We exist because there are a number of properties in the community that no one owned, and some person or organization had to own them.
  • These properties include some of the beach between the high and low tide lines, as well as the roads leading into the community.
  • We don't own all of the beach between the high and low tide lines: in some cases, the beach is owned by the owners of the nearby houses.
  • The legal documents laying out our ownership of the beach state that all homeowners in the subdivision have full access to the beach. We couldn't restrict access to it even if we wanted to. (But we don't want to!)
  • Our biggest responsibility is maintenance of Pritchett Road. We hire people to cut the lawn over the summer. And if there's any problems with the road (like a tree falling on it), let us know: we'll take care of it.
  • We do not handle maintenance for Chesapeake Shores Road itself. Homeowners along the two stretches of that road are responsible for it.
  • Note that the HOA did not pay for the pavement of the northern part of Chesapeake Shore Road. The homeowners along that stretch of road paid for it. Therefore, the HOA has no plans to pave the southern part of the road.
  • The board asks that homeowners please be careful when lighting fires and shooting firearms at the beach. Remember that there are lots of other people who walk the beach. And remember that there have been several beach fires here over the years, some of which have destroyed homes. The dune grass can catch fire faster than you realize. Please be careful and don't start another fire!
  • Not all homes along the beach are in our subdivision. The southernmost section of the beach is in the Bavon Beach subdivision. They have their own homeowners association. (We like them too!)

Our hero!


Cicindela Dorsalis Dorsalis, the Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle. Why Fish & Wildlife wants to help save our beach.

Photo taken on Bavon Beach on June 18, 2011. See, they really are here!

A look at the new Breakwaters

Filmed by Joe Dzikiewicz on May 28-29, 2016.

A bird's eye view of Bavon

Filmed by Joe Dzikiewicz over Thanksgiving Weekend, 2014.

Did you know?

  • The reason that the Fish and Wildlife service is willing to give us grants for beach preservation is that an endangered species of Tiger Beetles live on our beach.
  • There are 23 species of Tiger Beetles that live in Virginia.
  • The threatened beetle in question is the Cicindela Dorsalis Dorsalis, the Northeastern Tiger Beetle. (Details are available here.)
  • For their size, tiger beetles are the fastest living land animals.
  • They are called tiger beetles because of the way they pounce on their prey.

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Who we are

The Chesapeake Shores Homeowners Association represents the homeowners of the Chesapeake Shores community in Mathews County, Virginia. The board consists of the following members:

  • Sonny Fauver, President
  • Drew Mulhare, Vice President
  • Dave Norris, Treasurer
  • Joe Dzikiewicz, Secretary and your humble webmaster
  • Jack Caldwell
  • Peyton Carr, former President
  • Steve Nuckolls

Contact us

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to contact me at

Joe Dzikiewicz, Webmaster 264 Chesapeake Shores Drive The blue house with all the strange-sized windows

Bavon in Winter

Ice-4.jpg Ice-3.jpg Ice-1.jpg Ice-2.jpg